Fast Table Chair

I received my Fast table chair, but I am afraid that you did not send me the travel carry bag. Can you send me one?
Most likely your travel carry bag is hidden underneath the seat in the pocket that is closed with velcro. The carry bag is actually sewn to the fabric so that you will not lose it.

Can I attach the Fast table chair to my table?
The Fast table chair is compatible with most tables, but not all. The table must be from 0.8" to 3.5" thick (IE from 20mm to 90mm thick). If the table has a skirt underneath, the skirt must be at least 3.25" (83mm) from the edge of the table, so that the Fast table chair arms can be pushed all the way in. Never attach the hook-on chair to a table with profiles that do not ensure full contact between the entire bottom surface of the arms and the top of the table, and the underneath clamps on the bottom of the table. Please read all instructions before assembling and using the chair.

Does the optional Fast Dining Tray (Plus) fit in the Fast table chair's carry bag?

Is the optional Fast Dining Tray (Plus) compatible with older models of the Fast table chair?
Yes, the dining tray will easily attach to older versions of the Fast table chair.

Does the Fast Table chair contain flame retardants?

Does the Fast Table chair contain regulated BPA, PFA, lead, phthalates, methyl biphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), toluene diisocyanate (TDI) or TDCPP?

Can the Fast Table chair seat cover be washed in the washing machine?
No. As per its instructions manual, Inglesina recommends to hand wash it in cold water.

Is the mineral gray colorway different in its construction than the standard colorways that the Fast table chair is available in?
Yes, although its fabric is made of polyester like the other colorways, it has a "melange" look and features leatherette details. Additionally, the fabric may feel softer and has a higher resistance to abrasion.